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                              About Us

                              wangshaoliang.com...Online Polls Made Easy ™
                              Who We Are
                              MicroPoll was founded by two software consultants who believe software should make our lives easier. After years in the consulting business, we've experienced the "dark side" of overly complex software. MicroPoll is our take on what software should be, web-based and easy to use. We evolve our business by understanding user requirements and delivering solutions that make your job easier.
                              Our Mission
                              We aim to deliver the most advanced features that the online polling market demands while maintaining a balance between flexibility and ease-of-use. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority and our software constantly improves by taking customer feedback to heart. The success of our company depends entirely on the success of our clients. Our single goal is to deliver a service that makes conducting online research easy.
                              Our Users
                              Thousands of organizations worldwide have chosen MicroPoll as their trusted partner for conducting online research. Our technology requires very little technical expertise to produce meaningful single question polls and actionable results. Our clients choose our service for its ease of use and advanced feature set. From satisfaction studies, to brand research, to market research, we have the technology to make your project a success.


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